aRtiSt sTatEMenT:

My work bridges the tactility of material exploration with conceptual questions of fragmented legacy, appropriation/appreciation, and cultural design hierarchies. My adaptability between mediums results in a cohesive style between printmaking, painting, digital design, and tattooing.

For inspiration I often look to South Indian street art and auto-decals, as well as Bay Area signage and vintage tattoo flash art. My parents are also a huge source of inspiration for me; their recent descent into Q-Anon and right wing ideologies is the focus of my current research into conspiracy, and allows me to cope with their hopefully temporary break from reason. Excerpts from their 1980s immigration saga also appear frequently in my work.

I often approach my work with the shadow of an image, and fill in the supporting details and exposition as it comes into focus. The connections between image and meaning organically arise as I parse out the specifics of the piece. Other times, I am motivated more by a specific process: my ‘Crop Circle Shooting Targets’ project (visible on my website) started with a desire to design something for the explicit purpose of shooting it at a gun range. This impulse was a reaction to the self-seriousness I assumed I needed as a professional designer, and was a way to foreground the inherent absurdity in art-making.